Automated Interactive Infrastructure and Database for Computational Science

Journal article  G. Pizzi et al. Comp. Mat. Sci. 111, 218-230 (2016)
Open access preprint  arXiv:1504.0116 [physics.comp-ph]


Upcoming events

  • [Oxford (UK) 25-27 March 2020] Introduction to AiiDA, aiida-wannier90 plugin, and the workflows to compute automatically Wannier functions within the School “Wannier90 v3.0: new features and applications” (event site)
  • [Vilnius University (LT) 7-10 July 2020] AiiDA tutorial, sponsored by MARVEL, MaX, CECAM, swissuniversities, MarketPlace (event description)

Past events

  • [Berlin (DE), 5 Feb 2015] AiiDA tutorial for the whole CECAM/Psi-K community, held after the CECAM/Psi-k Research Conference (with ~40 participants)
  • [Zurich (CH), 31 Oct 2014] AiiDA tutorial for members of the MARVEL NCCR  (with ~30 participants)