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AiiDA at Google Summer of Code 2020

👤 🕔 March 5, 2020 Comments Off on AiiDA at Google Summer of Code 2020

Thanks to the folks at NumFOCUS, AiiDA will be participating in the Google Summer of Code 2020 under the NumFOCUS umbrella for the first time.

In short, this means that students (at the BSc/MSc or Ph.D. level, see eligibility criteria) can apply to work on an interesting AiiDA coding project for 3 months during the summer (May 18th-August 10th) and get reimbursed for their work.

Applications officially start March 16th, but selection will be competitive, and we recommend

Looking forward to your applications! We’ll keep updating this post as we move along.

The AiiDA Team

P.S. We are committed to help fight the insane gender imbalance in the open source community – that is to say: women are particularly encouraged to apply.