New plugins released (SSH, SLURM, SGE)#

This is to announce that we have released a number of plugins for the aiida_core package: a SSH plugin for connections to remote clusters with SSH+SFTP and scheduler plugins for SLURM and SGE.

These plugins, already available within the aiida_epfl package (restricted to academic users), are now in aiida_core and free to use and redistribute under the term of the MIT licence.

The new plugins can be obtained from the AiiDA GIT repository on BitBucket (develop branch), and will be part of the next stable release of AiiDA.

As a side note, we underline that this release follows our broader plans: for developments at EPFL, we develop and test within aiida_epfl, and when ready we push these developments to aiida_core. In the upcoming months we will release other plugins for data nodes and simulation codes.