AiiDA v1.1.0 released#

A new AiiDA release v1.1.0 is available! You can find more information at our download page.

This is the first minor release of the v1 series, in which we finally drop the support for older python 2 versions (critical bug fixes for python 2 will be supported until July 1 2020 on the v1.0.* release series) and add support for python 3.8, thus becoming compatible with all current python versions that are not end-of-life (i.e.: 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8). You can find the reasoning for doing this without a major version change in the corresponding AEP 001.

The update also includes some bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as some interesting new features such us as new tools for traversing the AiiDA provenance graphs (AiiDA Graph Explorer), which is now used for consistently deleting and exporting nodes with a considerable increase in performance, and tools for automated error handling for workchains (BaseRestartWorkChain). Finally, great efforts have been made towards relaxing the dependencies of the code in order to make it easier to install AiiDA side-by-side with other packages: plugin developers are encouraged to adopt a similar philosophy, going through their own dependencies and relaxing them where applicable.

More details and download options can be found through the following links: